The Principles of Conduct

Nonproliferation and Safeguards

The Vendors are committed to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Each Vendor recognizes that its Vendor State is committed to a policy that nuclear power plants and related materials, equipment, and technology8 shall be provided to and used by Customer States exclusively for peaceful purposes, consistent with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, and in conformity with Nuclear Suppliers Group Guidelines and pertinent United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

Each Vendor further recognizes that its Vendor State has enacted export laws and/or regulations intended to implement that policy and declares that it is bound by and fully committed to implementing that policy and supports a strong nonproliferation regime.

Accordingly, each Vendor exports nuclear power plants and related materials, equipment, and technology solely in accordance with relevant national export laws and/or regulations, which implement the foregoing.

As a manifestation of their strong commitment to peaceful uses of nuclear energy and nonproliferation, Vendors undertake, to the extent practical under the circumstances, to:

5.1 Pay special attention to and promote proliferation-resistant designs and take IAEA safeguards requirements into account in design;

5.2 Pay special attention to the exclusively peaceful use of trigger list and sensitive dual use items delivered by the Vendor, including the requirements, as applicable to Vendors, in bilateral agreements between Vendor State and Customer State, Nuclear Suppliers Group guidelines, pertinent United Nations Security Council Resolutions and Vendor contracts;

5.3 Seek to obtain a commitment from the Customer to implement in a timely manner at the facility a System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Materials and a safeguards approach consistent with its IAEA obligations;

5.4 Inform in a timely manner the appropriate authority of the Vendor State and, as appropriate, other Vendors adhering to these Principles, of any serious nonproliferation concerns related to the equipment, materials, and technology provided by the Vendor to the Customer; and

5.5 Consult closely with the Vendor State and act in accordance with its instructions upon being informed by the Vendor State or becoming directly aware of actions or events that would raise serious concerns about compliance with the global nonproliferation regime.9

In addition to the above-mentioned provisions, Vendors welcome the inclusion by Vendor States of provisions in bilateral agreements requiring a Customer State to implement effective nuclear export controls and to have an IAEA Additional Protocol in force.