NuPoC’s Ground Rules

At the second Principles of Conduct review meeting (Pittsburgh, USA, July 2012) the participating companies have revised the original ground rules which guide the  Nuclear Power Plant Exporters’ Principles of Conduct process, to reflect the status of the process and vendor decisions.

The original ground rules governing the Principles of Conduct process were established in February 2009 in Brussels, Belgium. They were directed at guiding the negotiation process up to the public announcement of the Principles. Vendors therefore agreed to update these set of guiding rules to reflect established procedures and vendors’ recent decisions.

In recognition of the importance of transparency the participating companies have agreed to publish the Principles of Conduct ground rules. These follow the example of other corporate social responsibility initiatives and voluntary industry codes of conduct which have outlined similar guiding principles and do not create any legal liability.

As the Principles of Conduct process develops, these ground rules will be updated accordingly by the participating companies.




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